Saturday 30 July 2011

A Busy Little Scrapper

Hi Scrappers,

I've been such a busy little scrapper in the past couple of days - I've just finished a Scrap the Boys challenge which I'll upload tomorrow but here's one I did earlier in the week. I've scrapped this photo before but wasn't happy with it so this is my second attempt. There'll probably be a third and a fourth because I absolutely love the photo for several reasons -

1) it shows me and hubby having a bit of a romantic moment, completely unaware that there was a huge camera lens pointing in our direction. For us, this is a momentous occasion as we are, quite possibly, the LEAST romantic couple on the planet.

2) hubbie is wearing a suit. Bear in mind this is a man who thinks that wearing jeans and a T-shirt from Big W is making a considerable effort. He wears suits on only two occasions - weddings and job interviews. For me to have a decent picture of him in one is quite an achievement.

3) I am wearing a dress. Bear in mind I am a woman who lives in jeans/trousers/jogging pants/PJ's. The last time I wore a smart dress was at my own wedding 7 years ago.

4) We are at my brother-in-law's wedding in Caerphilly Castle in Wales - we now have photographic evidence that it does stop raining in Wales. Again, another major achievement, almost on a par with attaining world peace.

5) It is the calm before the storm - about 10 minutes after the photo was taken my youngest son fell over and cut his head open. My beautiful new dress had blood over it and I spent the next 4 hours in the local hospital getting him taped up!

Anyway, here it is....

Image courtesy of LSBS

Cheers and thanks for stopping by,
Claire xx

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