Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Shield Your Eyes Everyone...

...there's some really bad photos coming up on this next layout! Scrapbook Savvy had its monthly Cybercrop this week - I love cybercrops but I haven't done one for ages as a lot of the scrappy sites seem to have switched to monthly challenges.

I found some absolutely horrendous passport photos recently but thought they'd make an interesting layout. (My family would probably disagree!) Now, my theory is that only one kind of person looks good in their passport photo and that's a supermodel. At best, the rest of us look like we're in dire need of a makeover. At worst, it looks like we should be doing 20 years hard time in Goulburn prison.

Anthea's challenge was to use circles, ribbon, dimension and chipboard on our layout - I managed to get all of them on there, although I found it quite difficult as I had absolutely nothing that matched with the papers I picked. Talk about improvisation!

My lovely hubbie commented that it was no wonder I was single when this photo was taken. Charming as ever. Let's face it, unless they allow soft focus and photoshop, it's highly unlikely that any of will look like that supermodel!

Cheers and thanks for stopping by,
Claire xx

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