Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Wordy Challenge

Hi Scrappers,

Could the weather in Sydney get any worse? We've had constant downpours for the last 3 days and it doesn't show any sign of leaving. Kind of reminds me why I live in Australia as it brings back memories of damp, dreary Summers in the UK!

Not to worry - perfect weather for scrapping so here is my entry into Scrapbook Savvy's Wordy Challenge this month. The challenge is to use your subject's name in the title -

As you can see, my son went from a smartly dressed little man in his own little suit and tie, to a bloodied mess in the space of about 3 seconds. I'd worried for months about all kinds of things that could potentially go ruining the ceremony, getting the brides dress dirty with sticky hands and generally running wild like 4 and 2 year olds do. I didn't anticipate spending most of the wedding in the local hospital Emergency Room!

Anyway, makes for a good scrapping story so there's always a silver lining eh?

Cheers and thanks for stopping by,
Claire xx

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