Saturday, 30 March 2013

More Muse!

Hello Bloggers!

So, what kind of cards do you find most challenging to make? For me, it has to be teenage boys. I find it incredibly difficult to find stamps that I like for boys between the ages of 13 and 18.  If you do know of a good teenage boys set, please let me know as I'll be making a few teenage cards in the coming years!

Anyway, I did manage to come up with an idea using Ardyth's fabulous card for inspiration over at Muse this week. Now, Ardyth is the type of stamper I'd like to be when I grow up. Simple with a clever and quirky twist that always make you say 'why the hell didn't I think of that?'

This one is for my 14 year old Godson.  I've been inspired by Ardyth's random circles so I used a football stamp I had lurking in my collection. (Don't all English teenage boys love football?) I'd have liked a sentiment on the card but most of the ones I have are a bit feminine for a 14 year old boy, so I went with the numbers instead.

Well, that's one of his teenage cards over and done with...just another 4 to go......

Have a great Easter and thanks for stopping by,

Claire x


  1. Hey Claire, thanks for stopping by my blog today to say hello.

    Your card is awesome! I love the depth that you have created by popping up the footballs and the window. The striped embossing folder is perfect for a young man's card! Nice touch tipping the #1 a bit - looks great.

    I'm predicting winner, winner with this card!

  2. You are so clever! Perfect take on the Muse challenge & perfect for a teenage boy!

  3. Claire, my oldest son is turning 14 next week and he plays on a travel soccer team...I think I HAVE to CASE your card if that's OK! LOVE everything about it!

  4. Your card is great! You really hit the nail on the head - the simple layout ( love the window), the crisp colours really work. I love the bold stripe in the embossing (have that folder myself and use it all the time. Great take on the Muse card this week.

  5. Love that bold embossing, Claire, and the way you turned the circles into footballs. Brilliant for a teenage boy ... quirky (already!) tilting 1 against the 4! Anita :)

  6. This is a fabulous and unique take on the challenge! Awesome!

  7. Thank you for your kind words and for playing along this week! I love this with the soccer balls and the wonky number - now why didn't I think of that?! lol!

  8. Hi Claire, love the way you tipped the 1 in 14 - looks like a football hit it. Love the depth you created with the window too and the colours are smashing. You've nailed the teenage boy thing !!!


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