Sunday 18 June 2017

My Favorite Things Camp Create: Day 4 - Sensational Sliders

Hello folks,

Day 4 of MFT's Camp Create and this time Stephanie has made a Sensational Slider card which you can see here:

I made a very simple penny slider card - although since we don't have pennies in Australia, I used  a couple of Aussie 5c pieces to create the slider.  The background has been done with Color Bursts - it's a little bit psychedelic and could probably do with being toned down a little! The rocket, moon and star are from MFT's Space Explorer

Only one more day to go - enjoy your weekend!

Claire x


  1. This looks fabulous, Claire! Your background is amazing and looks what I would imagine a 60's acid trip would look like ha ha

  2. Wow! I love that colorburst background--perfect for the little space scene.


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